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Week 1: October 8-14

I started my Christie / CAFKA (Contemporary Art Forum of Kitchener + Area) Residency on October 9. I have a workstation at Communitech with Touch Designer software and Sketchup. I learn that both of these software programs have programming abilities. For Sketchup I can use Ruby and possibly Java. For Touch Designer TScript and C++.

So why am I learning this new software? For this residency I want focus on interactivity, 3-D modeling and real-time graphics. I have experience with these things but I want to take it to the next level and use something that works well with the display options that are available to me. I am also doing a video animation for the three storey Christie MicroTile wall at the new University of Waterloo Stratford Campus. I知 sticking to what I know best for this project. Next week I値l be creating something for the wall in one of the labs for the Grand Opening Tour. I値l be using the same process that I have developed for creating content for MicroTile wall.

This week I learned how to create a model in SketchUp. I知 having what I値l call programmer痴 itch. I have a nagging thought that with code I could achieve a lot so much faster. Luckily there are scripting examples online.With Touch Designer I知 trying to figure out what it is capable of doing. It is an Object Oriented Program that uses networks to pass information. It reminds me of Max/MSP which I have seen people using for live multimedia and digital artworks. My plan is to listen to as many tutorials as I can and follow along until I understand enough to do something myself. If I get restless I just play around given what I have learned. I am also thinking that it would be handy to be able to bring in information from a database. This will allow me to incorporate things I already know how to do in other programs.

Photography by Stefan A. Rose

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