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Week 2: October 15-21

I did a tutorial on making an animated happy face and several instances of happy faces using the graphics processor unit (GPU) although I skipped the part with the iPhone where itís possible to remotely interact with the animation via OSC on iPhone since I donít have one. Good to know about OSC and it might be something to look into later.

Here is a video (coming soon) from Stratford. I put video animation on the monitors from a project I did for the Feature Wall at Perimeter Institute. Iím also creating a piece for the Wall here. The Opening reception was nice. I talked with a lot of people from the tour.

I figured out how to create and use a text file database and I was able to make the example code work in Sketchup which involved a couple of path name changes. Yes, I know this sounds boring but it could be interesting later on.

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